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Homemade Biryani Spices


Hello everyone, How are you? Ramadan Mubarak. We fast in the month of Ramadan. After a long month of fasting, we celebrate the holy Eid. On the day of holy Eid, we cook a lot of delicious food. Biryani is one of these dishes. Today I will describe a process on how to make biryani spices at home.

Let's start,

Biryani is a very popular and delicious food menu in our country. We usually eat different types of biryani at different restaurants, or at parties. Again, we often cook biryani at home. In this case, we usually use different readymade biryani spices.

Although readymade biryani spices are very readily available, you can easily make biryani spices at home.


To make biryani spices, you will need cinnamon, small cardamom, shah cumin, black and white pepper, poppy seeds, coriander, cumin, dried chilies, jaggery, nutmeg, cloves, coriander, hot spices. Take spices. For example, if you take 100 grams of cinnamon, then half of it, that is 50 grams.

Cloves, dried chilies, poppy seeds, nutmeg, jaggery, black pepper, cardamom, and shahijira will be taken. You will get such a beautiful aroma from this biryani spice that it will feel like your spice is the best of any readymade spice.

You can use 2 tablespoons of biryani spices per kg of meat for cooking.

Biryani was cooked using biryani spices made today, I liked the taste enough. Today's post ends here. If you like I will be satisfied.


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