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Goats are reared more or less in rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. Among these reared goats, Black Bengal, Desi Jamuna Pari or Ram goat breeds are more common. However, most desi Black Bengal breeds are reared. Desi Black Bengal breed goats This naming is because it is black. The meat of this medium-sized goat is quite tasty and has a relatively low-fat content. It also contains essential nutrients like essential proteins, minerals, calcium. The demand for goat meat in our country's market is huge and quite expensive.


It is very easy to cultivate the native Black Bengal breed goats. Because they usually collect their food and eat it, especially in rural areas, they live by eating various grasses, herbs, and weeds in the backyard. Again, those who have cattle farms at home have a new Black Bengal breed. There is no need to procure food for goats, it becomes goat food along with cow feed.

Black Bengal goatskin is very valuable. Black Bengal goat skin plays an important role in the tannery sector of our country. There is a grade called Kushtia Grade in the global animal skin market to indicate the superiority of Black Bengal breed goats. It is better to say that Kushtia is a prosperous region of Bangladesh where the most advanced Black Bengal breed goats are available. We also have two domesticated goats. Both are male species and quite angry. They are hit with a horn whenever they see a stranger.
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