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Wonderful Badminton Season this year with Pandemic



Initially we had no idea how to start the Badminton season this year due to pandamic. Winter season is the full phase season of Badminton and Basketball. This is pretty nice time to enjoy playing those. Although we were scared about COVID19 but finally its done quite comfortably. Being part of this year playing, i am happy as its really helpful for physical fitness at least because in this pandemic we need to work less and had to stay home more and more.

I use the term happy for being part of this tournament because some of my colleagues and friends were not able to continue this badminton playing season. This is because of their unwillingness and the pandemic situation. Really they didn't come out from the home to the situation. But whatever with it we basically tried to maintain the social distance and enjoy throughout the winter season. Winter season is expected to the dangerous situation for the covid covid-19. But after some observation in the early days we started and end up successfully.

Those who missed out the tournament due to several reason are feeling bad right now because their fitness level is going down day by day. So I think it will be a wise choice for you and your neighbour people to participate in such kind of sport activities whenever it is available. Sometimes we deny initially that should not be done that is the learning from this example today I am sharing. From the very Alpha stages like from the students life I would like to participate any form of sports. How well are how much I can play well that was not fact for me. For me participation is best things to do. Still I try to maintain this philosophy. And that's why I sometimes I I go for playing with students while some other teachers in my college refrain themselves from doing so. But I don't feel any ego. I feel soft corner in my mind to play with my favourite sports like cricket badminton football. Who is playing with me and who is my opponent are the students are colleague's or seniors or even boss I don't care. I am in the list of those who wants to enjoy and participant. Thank you very much for stopping by and hope to see you you with next year again with suspend of tournament if I alive. There will be couple of matches in this season because winter is not ended up totally. We shall play a bit in upcoming few weeks as well.


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