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Wedding Food Culture in Bangladesh



There are a lot of wedding party arranged at Big restaurants. This is very common here in Bangladesh. People like to arrange at hotels and restaurant so that they can feel free in the weeding food distribution. Here family members are only engaged with wedding procedding and the food making, serving goes to the restaurants liability. Thus it makes very comfortable to the wedding party arrangers. They just pay money for per plate.

Last year, i along with my mother attended a wedding party of my cousin. There were Buffet style arrangement. A wide range of food menu was there. You can choose any item from those varieties. This things are provided by the restaurants.


You can see huge variety of rich foods were availble there like-
- Rice,
- Beef,
- Mutton,
- Shrimp,
- Salad,
- Tomato Chasni
- Mixed Vegetables
- Chicken fry
- Dal with chicken
- Curd
- Sweet
- Soft drinks
- etc


So it was a all you can it. The service, quality, taste and hygiene of the food from the restaurant was so good. We have enjoyed this a lot.

Thank you.


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