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Wealth over Knowledge or vice versa?



It is well known that if anyone has wealth, it can reduce or he can lose it anytime by sharing but in the context of knowledge it will not decrease anymore even though if you share your knowledge will increase. But in recent times we can see the value of the wealth is more than the knowledge in our society. Lets give me some instances and situation.

If you think about the past times, it was just being in educational institutions were teaching to the students was a great profession. Knowledge is power that is stated in books only now but ultimately if we just look at the social scenario, the phenomenon has changed a lot. Education is valuable or Knowledge is power is no longer exist in the society because now a days we can see just the quote Knowledge Is Power only established in books.


We can see those who has wealth they can dominate the world people. People are going respect them exactly because those who has wealth or money at their hand they can dominate the world and they can do something according to the power. So in that way we're just watching into example like one man who is a teacher who is just delivering his knowledge to the students in several categories of students, he is not a powerful person of the society. People don't want to respect him anymore because nowadays the situation is changing and those who have the set of one or two crore and who is earning about 4/5 lacs Taka (Bangladeshi Currency) he is very much valueable to the society.

People can get some money from rich people, can get some benefit from him but it is not possible from a scholar person who is teaching. The delivery and knowledge to the several group of people in the two way he is not getting that smart value from the society. But that should not be the situation. And in past the situation was not like that even. Scholar has only knowledge he has no wealth. By delivery in knowledge others can acquire wealth. Teacher is thus helping others in a greater way to improve the society but this is denied by mass people. People have attention to the immediate property and gain rather long run benefits for him and society. That is the core problem of being this I think.


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