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Valentines Day and Our Adaptation with it



It's spring here in Bangladesh. The first day of spring is Valentine days as well. So this is really good for us to celebrate this spring. In previous times up to last year, the Valentine's day was the second day of spring. But the calendar has been changed now. Now the first day of spring season is Valentine's Day. The first day of spring is celebrating moment and event for the whole Nation. We can see a lot of celebration and several events here and there on the occasion of first day of the spring season. But this time it's more attractive because 14 February is associated with it. So it's all about celebration I have experienced around me. The flowers to us were nicely arranged and I have seen a good number of buyer on those stores. In this season a good variety of flowers can we see in here and if you just go to several flowers stores its huge.


From the above discussion it's clear that this year Valentine's day was really special to us. Although I personally don't believe on Valentine's Day. This is not the Cultural Event for our nation but still being celebrated for last couple of decades almost all around the country. Someone initiated here. And after that it continues. It was not associated with our culture at all but still people are adopting with the foreign culture due to the globalisation status. Celebration is one thing but enjoying with different manner and different culture is another thing. This is the reason process culture is nutrients to our own culture. If foreign culture is not harmful for our own culture culture we should accept this. If form culture or cross culture make any e misuse or falsification in our own culture then we should avoid it. The people like young boys and girls are coming out to the street on those occasions are really not upto the mark with our own culture and status. The way they are celebrating is not congenial to our culture all the time. For example let night party was not part of our culture earlier but now people are trying to adopt and on those such kind of foreign culture events like 31st night and Valentine's Day they are trying to add to the foreign culture fastly that is the problem. I am not against the the celebration of the events and pearl culture adoption. Rather I am agree to be smart and globalised but it is much important to maintain the old culture and keep the sentiment of the country's people. Thank you very much for stopping by.


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