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Utilizing Scape and Time by Cultivating Vegetables in This Pandemic



Vegetable cultivation is obviously a very good work. If we do so on the area which is unused around our home then it will be great. Such kind of activities I have done in my village home this year under lock down due to covid-19. We can see a lot of vegetables in the market but most of those are not organic.  If we ourself cultivate some vegetable then hopefully it will be organic because we are personally taking care of those and not using any fertilizers pesticides insect killer etc.  Today I am sharing my vegetable Garden at yard.

In March this year, when I want to village home I was very much puzzled because I had elapsed time at my hand but nothing to do.  Then I decided to utilise the spare land area around my village home.  I have talked to my brother and executed some plan.  The plan was three activities at a time.

  1. The biofloc fish project
  2. Planting trees around village home
  3. Cultivating some vegetables at yard and rooftop

 What I am mentioning today is the 3rd part.  We have a yard which is about 3000 square feet. The total area is not needed for our movement and beautification. So, cast aside some part of the land and picked that land for vegetable cultivation as you can see in the picture.

The rest part of the year and is a used but I along with my brother has used the area which is normally not usable.  So, in that context we you have taken the preparation for our activities like collecting good seeds preparing soil and learn something from the internet about vegetable cultivation at yard. Most important leave which vegetables is preferable in which weather that was very much crucial things because it was hot summer.

Pumpkin is very common and highly growing vegetable here in Bangladesh. So, we decided to cultivate some pumpkin. So we bought some a good seed from market and before that prepared our soil and after a couple of days it started to germinate.

When the plant become a little bit taller, we have given some support with bamboo stick. And then we need to put a net just above the tree so that it can spread very easily with some support. Vegetables like pumpkin need some support so that it can grow very nicely and Spread all around the yard. It doesn’t take much time to you have flower.  After flower we can see some vegetables to grow.  And finally, then after about 7 days the vegetables is ready to harvest.

If you have enough space at your home you can also try this at your home in this situation because we are facing a very trouble with situation around us and if we cannot get rid of this situation we need to involve ourself much more into agriculture sector so that we can easily face the food crisis of upcoming days. Thank you very much for reading my post.


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