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Two Features of Dry Fish makes it special here in Bangladesh



Dry fish is very common food for Bangladeshi people. This is the culture and tradition we possess. Special in Chittagong dry fish is mostly traded and consumed also I think. There are some advantages of dry fish in commercially and as a nutrient value as well. I should discuss about two main features of dry fish which makes it wonderful compared with other food menu.

First I would like to discuss about the commercial importance of dry fish. When there is a season the official man can pick a number of fishes. When they catch such a great number of fishes overnight then it is not possible all the time for them to trade to nearby market. When the fishes are in of large quantities then people don't like to take fish in that time. So they have only two options left to to sell it at very low price or or consume it for their self purpose otherwise they can drop this into the dustbin. So in peak season of fishing it is difficult for the fisherman and the fish related persons to to utilise their catched fish in systematic way. So as all the options are not working in that time so they have the best option left is to make the fish fry so that it don't spoil. That's why they use their family members to help them preserving the fishes after driving into some light. So they just make some slice of the fish and dried into to the open area of Sunlight. It is making them secure to store the fish for later consumption and there are a group of people in Bangladesh who likes to have dry fish very much.

The second important issue is about the protein intake. If you think about the classes of people here in Bangladesh many of them are are not so much solvent. So for those people who are middle earning group or lower earning group they are struggling to fulfill their demand of protein. Red lentil is one of the best sources of protein for them at very cheap price. With the same time dry fish is another item for them to fulfill their protein demand at reasonable price. The taste of dry food is not as good as the normal fish. But by by making it in several ways with several recipes it can be made tasty. And this way people love to have dry fish so that taken fulfill their demand of protein at very much reasonable price with some different looking recipe.

If you just think about two features these are the common features which makes dry fish common and convenient throughout the country. But there are still a group of people who loves to have dry fish and I think this culture has been developed by practicing it for a longer period of time. Nowadays it is not only the reason behind the two features but also this is the choice of many of the family and that's why you can see a huge demand of this dry fish around us. The dry fish you can see in the photographs are are very common from the sea like local named Loitta, Koral, Churi etc. 


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