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Travelling to Chittagong | The Coastal Area of Bangladesh



I am really lucky to leave beside the coastal area. Chittagong is the the port city of the country. This is a competitive advantage for me to stay in this city because some of the people of other part of Bangladesh come to visit this district for watching the view of sunset and sea. But for me it's just 5 to 10 kilometres away. So if I want to to our wish to I can't easily go for watching the sunset.

The people of coastal areas normally very much hard working compared with the others. The main occupation of them is to catch fishes and did several farming. Would like to to cultivate domestic animals like cow goat Ox buffalo. With the same time they used to to cultivate fishes under several projects. In that where their lifestyle is struggling because they are little bit away from the modern life. But communication system is improving here which will boost up their life style of them because they will easily be able to transfer the commodities and fishes to the city area.

Couple of weeks back I along with couple of my friends visited the coastal area of Bangladesh where an export processing zone is being established. Used land area has been selected for the purpose. Suddenly we plant together to visit there and went there by 4:00 p.m.. after going to there we have seen a lot of beautiful natural sceneries around the sea beach. After that we have observed the place up to sunset. You know the sunset view is always different and attractive to the visitors of any kind. It was very wonderful experience for me to see the lifestyles of the coastal people from very close view. On the other hand I had another experience of watching the activities regarding the economic zone which is the largest Economic Zone of the country. I have not visited such kind of initial stages of economic zone working. As it's just beside the sea so the overall view and beauty is pretty charming and awesome.

This is why Bangladesh is very nice looking and different from other countries because it has the varieties of land area. We have the experience of river flowers sea Hills cultivated various kinds of crops vegetables fruits. I really feel proud to born and grow up in this beautiful land. Thank you very much for stopping by today

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