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Travelling is the hobby of most of us. We love to travel to Natural Beauty. I want to share some photographs of my previous tour to the beautiful tourist place of Bangladesh that is a large Valley. In this corona pandemic, we normally can’t travel. That’s why I am sharing the memories of previous times.

Bangladesh is a land of green where you will find a lot of trees and green environment here and there. So this country is very much suitable for travelling. Another issue is the people of this country are very much friendly and cooperative. This is the main attraction of the tourist to the country that's why people love to watch this country's beauty from several angles.

In Bangladesh you will find lots of rivers, lots of green environment but with that you can see the natural beauty of the hilly area as well. So this is one of my experience which I have enjoyed in traveling to the one of the hilly districts of Bangladesh. There are basically three hilly districts in Bangladesh and I have traveled most of those. In this Pandemic time all educational institutions are closed.  

We refrain from traveling for a long time due to the Corona situation. But the mind wants to turn again, I want to see the country and abroad. Hopefully the situation will return to normal in the near future and we will have the opportunity to visit the country and abroad again as before. And in it lies our joy. I usually invite my friends on any trip and that trip is enjoyable right away. In fact, by looking at the many different beauties of nature, we can get a better idea of ​​nature which makes us more motivated to work in the workplace.

The pictures that you can see are the pictures of some of my roommates and colleagues traveling together about 2 years ago. Traveling is fun for everyone but it is also very interesting and fun when it is with some friends and colleagues of the same age. One such trip was to visit Khagrachhari, one of the hilly districts of Bangladesh.

The most interesting place in Khagrachhari district is Sajek Valley. This is located in neighbor Rangamati District of Bangladesh but as have to go with Khagrachhari, people like ot treat it as from Khagrachhari. The beauty of this valley is so captivating that it is constantly attracting tourists. Whenever I think of traveling in the mountains, I think of the Sajek Valley because I am attracted to it as many times as I want here. I am amazed at the beauty of nature.

One can go to Sajek Valley and touch the clouds because the mountains are very high. And so high in the mountains a little after the clouds came and soaked us. And it's a pleasure to watch this scene from the stand. Even in hot weather, when the clouds come, everything gets cold again. So nature lovers enjoy in the midst of these short hairs of clouds.


If you have time and opportunity to travel Bangladesh you can check out this place hopefully you'll enjoy very much because it's  one of the best tourist places in Bangladesh right now. Travellers are feeling for travelling whatever the situation is but we have nothing to do rather waiting for better days.





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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I like to share my opinion and ideas through blogging. I would like to share my learning so that anyone can be benefited from my effort. I blog on Textiles, Online Money Making, Agriculture, Technology and some Random topics. Capturing Nature and Playing Cricket is my hobby. I am always a learner and eager to learn from anyone.

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