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The Canopy - Vertical Farm at home



Hi Dear Friends,
Today i am going to share a eco friendly innovative smart vertical farming technique which can be used inside home as well.


### Its Elegant stackable indoor farm with an automatic lighting and watering system. Unique design proven to grow anything.
>**The Canopy is a bright and elegant urban farming solution designed for the home. A tree-inspired design and thoroughly-tested hydroponic system allow the Canopy to grow plants effectively and in style**

**Intelligent light sources and sensor with the timer facilities is making it even smarter. Its special design in vertical direction makes it one of the Unique vertical farming design.**

Renewable and biodegradable USA based plastic has been used for this manufacture. plant based plastic is shipped through 3D printing. so it's the choice of the customer that they can select at their desired shape and style as well.

It will be handy way to cultivate several kinds of vegetables at home with such kind of vertical farming technology.  I think it's the best opportunity for us to do something for the nature and our world. if we can cultivate even inside home that we can reduce the pressure of food prices and with the same time we can make the environment eco friendly with lots of Oxygen and beautification as well. So, try the link below to know details about this hunting.

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