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The power consumption by this world is increasing day by day so it is the much needed time to go for the renewable energy sources. Solar is the best option in that case. already we can see the existence of solar light around the world. but here today I am sharing will be different and innovative in the solar power energy utilisation in the form of light.

You just need to put this in the window and it will automatically as solar power and will light your home tonight. most important feature is it can en8 turned into several colours like with the changes of the colour of the Sun. that the speciality because in morning time you will see the morning looks like light and in sunset time you will see almost similar kinds of light on the time.  Check the link below for get the details information on it.

## The light has three settings:

- sunne rise:  simulates early morning sunrise with shades of purple and yellow. 
- sunne light:  a warm light that is great for both reading and relaxing. 
- sunne set:  a firey glow that will help you unwind at the end of the day. 





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