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When we go for adventure, we need a good quality light. So here today I am going to share a adventure light basically a Flashlight which will help you a lot in adventure mode. The most important thing is it is small in size having some quality features with powerful lighting.
It's very simple to use. Just touch it or pin it with your device like bicycle then you can go for action.

The stylish, versatile, powerful adventure LED light – affordable for everyone. Simple. Functional. Flexible.

 If I just mention about its feature then it will be awesome to know about all the features.
The features-
- Custom Lens
- 5 modes versatile illumination
- Reliable and Powerful with 800 lumens
- Efficient and Eco friendly
- Flicker Free

- IP68 Proof
- Touch Switch
- Heat Controlled
- Impermeable Surface
- Fast Charging
- Lightweight Design
- Simple and Sturdy Design (Dust Proof, Water Proof, Shock Proof, Glowing)
- Easy to use and charge
- Battery capacity is upto 60 hours with 100 lumes and 2 hours with 800 lumens
- Easy setup with bike and another device with bikemount, beltclip


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