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Table Tennis is best suit to me in this covid19 situation, why and how



In this covid-19 situation we are almost trapped at home. For maintaining our fitness level we need to have some exercises. We can do so inside our home as well. We can follow several kinds of tutorials from video sharing platforms and website so that we can have some guidelines and training on how to keep ourselves fit and active even in this lockdown 15 days. So anyone can follow any of the guidelines. Most important issue is to maintain the fitness level that is really important.

For the outdoor sports man or athletes it is very critical time I must say. The cricket football such kind of sports are restricted as there is a chance of transmitting diseases for not able to maintain the social distance. But here some indoor games which are related to the fitness can help us to be fit in this situation. table tennis is best preference for me. I have started playing table tennis in this pandemic situation and continue. This is best option because space is is not much needed for this games. On the other hand for playing table tennis we need to have some movement which and sure the the fitness. I can play for an hour everyday so that I can have some good activity in this lockdown days.

If we make some routine and do some exercises these are not fruitful enough. The main reason behind it is the force to do something is not mind setup for completing any job. But in Table Tennis we are not maintaining fitness rather playing. By playing we can achieve another goal that is Catching two birds in one shot. This is most effective one that is why I have explained.


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