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Spending Quality time with past friends



Friendship is the second best relationship. The parents and spouse should be in the first place but after that friendship is is the best relationship we hold in our life. For academic purpose we need to go through several educational institutions and in that I would normally have that much of friends. This is huge achievement for our life because whenever we are in trouble and we want to do something we normally take consent from the friends and friends are basically forever for help. In my academic life I have got a huge number of friends and most of them are very much helpful. Now a days I am missing those friends because today I have friends not from school college or university rather they are from colleagues

The Labh respect help these were from the bottom of the heart in the educational Life by the friends. But now it is not always natural sometimes it's hard official for achieving some benefits for I can see from my surroundings. And we have another II party e of friends with whom we basically grown up. That is village friends. They had love for us which was not artificial at all. Because when we grown up together it was a nice part of our life. In my childhood I have enjoyed a lot with my village friends throughout the village area because that was very much friendly environment and lots of playground where they are and I used to play several kinds of sports in the time. That is making us to be closer by playing several kinds of Sports like cricket football. In our childhood it was the time of playing such kind of sports because the mobile phone was not at hand of all family. It is just about twenty years back. But nowadays the kids are very much associated with mobile games and computer crimes brother playing physical Sports like football cricket badminton volleyball. In villages there are some other special kinds of sports normally their range which we normally don't see around us as most of the playground has been banished and the children's shifted from playground to the mobile phone. I am going to the another side which is not the topic of today I basically wanted to mention about the friendship and the meet up.

In normal situation meet with friends is a rare case because in professional life we are very much busy with several activities and many of my friends are working in several districts in Bangladesh so it is not possible all the time to meet them always or even in a year. If we go to any several district for any specific reason then we can contact with that person of the district then we can easily contact with them and I think spending 4-5 hours with them is really important and interesting time. Because in that time we can easily recall the memories of past which was very golden time of the life. By recalling we can have a very enjoyable time after a long time which is very important for our career growth because in our professional life we are very much used to work work work but sometimes we need some interesting events enjoyment recreation and hanging with friends. When this hanging with friends is from the close friends of my life of childhood villagers school colleges or Universities that it's obviously a good option. For this reason if I go to several district adorable try to meet all of my friends so that I can share some memories and rejoice them and with the same time I can be with them for quality time passing.

Our life is very much Limited and professional life we need some hanging around and don't miss this opportunity whenever you have that much chance to meet with previous friends in a restaurant or in a park or in a playground whatever it is. That's all for today and hope to see you tomorrow with another post and till then bye


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