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Eid ul Fitr. Eid Mubarak to all. The the most enjoyable and significant day for the Muslim community. There are two Eid in a year for the Muslim religious people. One is Eid-ul-Fitr and another one is Eid ul Adha. Today it is Eid ul Fitr and this day specially comes after the one month of fasting. On this day we break fasting after a one month of day fasting and that's why it is called feeder that means break. Break means basically breaking of fasting. After one month fasting when we break and this day is physically that's why celebrated throughout the community as a best and most celebrating occasion for the Muslim umma.

There are several occasions in several religions and several countries as well. For example we we know about the Puja of Hindu religion and Christmas Day of Christian religion. In several countries we can see several cultural locations like Halloween Carnival. In Bangladesh we also celebrate Cultural Event like national day and first day of Bengali New Year. So there are some special and occasional days for the people. Among all those in Bangladesh for the Muslim community Eid is the best one.

On this Eid day people comes to the village home and meet together that is the first criteria of celebrating this occasion. This is not must but culturally and traditionally Bangladeshi people like to do so. when there is a need of demand of job people go to the city area for job purpose but at least on these two days the camp back to the home so in that time the all of the village people meet together they can see each other and go to the houses of the neighbours. They meet their previous friends colleagues classmates after a long time that is the best moment for the all community. All you know that for the job purpose many of us stays out of home but this is the only moment where we meet together and in that time we can see many of the new faces and old faces and that is the joyful moment for the year.

In the photographs you can see I have made a couple of my village friends and juniors on this occasion. meeting them and going to several places by walking and go to the houses of neighbours to celebrate and talking to them is the special moment of the day. I like most that part of the Eid where we go to the several friends houses to meet them and all together we celebrate this day by walking for a longer period of time by meeting all of those friends and neighbours and exchanging the greetings of the Holy occasion. Today we have spend a lot of quality time by walking here and there and in the afternoon we had a cricket match as we all are at home and land and field are free so we had a nice cricket match. Fortunately my team on that match by 35 runs.

In the afternoon I want to market to meet couple of my school and college friends that was another important part because after a long time I have seen those faces. I had a lot of quality time in my school life and college life with those friends and after meeting them after a long period of time is a very very special moment and enjoyable moment for me and for them as well. So in this day enjoy the holy occasion and I would like to thanks all for reading my post still now. Again Eid greetings to all.


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