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Private Tution System in Education, Good or Bad?



I cannot understand a very common practice of Bangladesh that is tuition. Tution means I am indicating not the tuition fee rather private tuition by several teachers of school and college level. I can very well Understand They are obviously have some less meritorious students they need some special care. But the way the teachers approaching is not acceptable and nothing tolerable in did as a whole for the nation.


Teachers are called the head of the nation. They can play a vital role in the development of nation and the future growth of the country. The students who are getting knowledge from the teachers and school colleges will lead the nation next time. But why I am talking to these things today that is a common practice we can see here in Bangladesh that is the teachers conduct private tuition at their home or any suitable place with some of the students of the school. A greater number of students it would be more than 95% are are involved with private tuition. Students are sometimes bound to to go for private tuition to the home of the teachers.


Educational institutions like school and colleges has been established to educate our children's. There are two categories of educational institutions. Some are government owned and if you are private owned. Many of the private organisations are being paid by the government in terms of salary. So the salary is being given some how to the Teachers for educating the students in school and colleges. And the student also pay several kinds of fee. so the teachers should complete their responsibilities of teaching to students at school.

But we can see difference scenario here in Bangladesh. Many of the teachers like to contact private tution at home. If they do so at home so what do they do at school. If there do the responsibilities of teaching at school then why students need to come to their house for private tuition. There is a big question. If the maturity more than 95% students need private tuition then why we need school and colleges. The education system is being shifting from school to the house of the teachers. If it continuous so why we need such kind of educational institutions for delivering knowledge and skills among the students. It's high time to think about the happening and should Street the regulations more carefully so that teachers to their responsibilities of teaching at school conveniently. And then the students will be School centred. If they are School standard then their creativity and discipline will be developed along with some other qualities. If they gather knowledge from the houses of the teachers then they will be the old generation in terms of above mentioned things in the upcoming days which is a very alarming situation for us and we need to think about it more and more and should take the necessary actions  soon.


I know couple of logic is being provided by the teachers that the ratio among students and teacher is not satisfactory here in Bangladesh. Another reason is the honorarium or salary for the teacher. You cannot say that you are getting low because you have chosen this profession by your own. So the second one that is salary problem should not be the major problem because you need to get by the amount you are getting. Need to change the lifestyle only for the betterment of the society and the country and next generation. The first issue is also not strong issue. There are several educational institutions were the students number is very high compared with the teachers. But this is not the common scenario. And the government is paying more nowadays so it should be overcome it. If I just confess this situation still the scenario of private tuition should not be more than 95%. For this kind of ratio problem the situation of private tuition should be at best 10 to 15%. But why all the teachers are involved with such kind of private tuition based system. Is the logic of student teacher ratio fits for all the teachers. So logic are not satisfied these are vulnerable. It's time to take action and aware the mass otherwise the lower and lower middle class families will be unable to educate their children's for that kind of high cost of private tuition. There may be some problems with the students to understand the lesson in school in that case the educational institutions can take action of overcoming the problems by working with the weak students. Let's hope for the better days and better system.


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