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My Roof Gardening in this lockdown



Planting trees and growing vegetables is a very important task but due to the job and being in the city, it is not often done. Among my hobbies, gardening, especially vegetable production is a great choice. So, whenever I get a chance, I grow vegetables in my backyard or on the roof. Since I am out of the house due to my job and work, I can't do this job properly. However, this year I have started producing vegetables on the roof of the house due to lockdown and corona virus.

It started in March when my work field i.e. engineering college was closed and I went home with my family. I did not know how long I would have to stay there. But as the situation worsened day by day, the deadline for opening the college was repeatedly delayed. So, I decided to do something that can keep me fit, take care of environment and can have some food as well. That’s what I really needed to do right. That means all I have is green as well as some vegetables we can get.


From that idea, I started growing vegetables on the roof. It didn't take long to finish this job. At first, I studied a number of topics from YouTube. In particular, I keep looking at issues related to insects and diseases and so on. Even though I had an idea about farming, I took the idea a little more mature.

I bought some small pots from the market and mixed them with soil and organic manure to make a seedbed. As you can see in the picture in this post, I collect and plant some vegetable seeds from the market. The hope is that the seeds start germinating in just 3/4 days. It was a very nice and fun experience. I put the pots in a shady place and then brought them back to the sun.


As the days went by, my seedlings began to grow slowly. And during this time, I started preparing the soil in some different containers which I will share in another post. Today only I will show the growth of my seedlings here. In the next post, I will write a detailed post including the process of planting seedlings and soil preparation under this topic.


As you can see in the picture, the roots of the trees were easily seen around the pot as they were growing for a while. And seeing them from all around means that the seedling wants to be bigger but is not getting soil from the side so it has pushed the roots on the pot. You know vegetable plants grow very fast. So, I realized that when the seedlings took root, it was time to plant them in sacks with much soil, that is, on the roof in my specific place. I will share this in the next post.


After planting the seeds here, there was no need to much take care of them, only watering once a day. Moreover, since it was the rainy season, the plants would not have been watered from time to time, but the rainwater would have accumulated so much water that I would have drained it. The most important thing that has not been said is that **some holes need to be made under the pots so that the water can pass easily** i.e. the water is drained. Because if water is trapped for a long time, the seedlings will die. From my experience two seedlings died. Since there was less soil in the tub, water would have accumulated and I did not loosen the soil so the water trapped and the jackfruit seedlings died together. In addition to all this, I have planted some jackfruit seeds along with these vegetables, and that happened with those jackfruit plants.

Above all, I am saying goodbye here like today by inviting you to read the next post. It was a wonderful and different experience for me. I am happy to share this experience with my community and friends here through this post. Many people have done a lot of creative work during the coronavirus period but I have made this work my first priority during the coronavirus period. *It has benefited me and nature in many ways, first the environment, then the vegetables, then the exercise, then the good times pass, and so on.* Many thanks to all of you for reading my post.





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