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My Food Experience at nearby restaurant with spouse



Bengali Common food at Lunch
Rice with fish and vorta, vegetables is a traditional common food in Bangladesh. It’s popular and favorite among all classes of people. We people of Bangladesh like fresh vegetable and fish with rice as it’s the best meal for me in lunch. Being a common food people here in Bangladesh have so much love for this awesome delicious food.

My Experience
Normally I travel to home per quarter of the month. Last month, I was going to home with my wife. Went to doctor for treatment while going. There was late schedule for doctor. I went to this restaurant for lunch in the meantime. It was a very good experience for both of us. This should be a nice valentines place for having lunch. Normally quality of a restaurant or food depends on customers choice. Customer judges with different factors like taste, smell, costing, hygiene, service, environment etc. In case of me, it’s a quality food with delicious taste at well decorated restaurant which is very good one for eating and cordially taking to valentines. There is huge space in the restaurant. So you can seat at any corner of it. Environment was also pretty nice and well decorated.

Specialty of the Fish and Rice
- Common BD taste
- Very useful in lunch
- So tasty, soft and yummy

Location of the restaurant
It is famous among local people. It’s located at the center of Gouripur town of Doudkandi, Cumilla, Bangladesh. It’s beside the Bus Stand so travelling people normally visit here. It is well arranged with huge space and quality food and service. There are about 30 types of recipe available. Food value, Hygiene, Environment and Service was also excellent.

Features of the Restaurant
- Huge space
- Variety of meal
- Well decorated
- Couple of cabins

Drawbacks of the Restaurant
- As its beside highway, some dusts outside the restaurant but its glass protected
- Main drawbacks of popular restaurant is gathering. There are huge crowd and noise in peak times.
- Due to crowd quality and timely service sometimes may not always possible.

Not only quality or taste but also price is the key factor of taking food at restaurants. You don't need to pay a lot for this awesome delicious food. We had a complete lunch with full stomach. It cost was about 7 USD for both of us. On average 3.5 USD per person with some delicious meal. Nice deal. Compared with the taste, menu, quality and service, this is very good deal at such a reasonable price.

My Ratting
- Food taste: 5/5
- Hygiene: 4.5/5
- Environment: 5/5
- Service: 4.5/5
- Location: 4/5
- Cooking Time: 4/5
- Price: 4.5/5

Restaurant Information
Patata Restaurant
Gouripur - Homna Hwy, Gouripur, Bangladesh


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