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Microturismo || Mini racing car of Style and Speed



We have some interesting hobbies like driving car. but due to to the rate of accident we cannot do so.  mobile games is all of the solution but there is another problem with it.  it is not so much comfortable to our eyes.  and in the same time it is not real life scene.  so here is the solution I am going to share today.

This car is specially designed for the researchers who can easily compete in home from bedroom to any room inside the home or outside home even.  just lying at bedroom  because it can be connected with the mobile phone application as well.

So it's time to control the racing mode.  if anyone can practice well hair he can be a good racer. It has a powerful long range 5.8GHz RF emitter for video and driving allows you to reach long distances even through walls and without frame drops. It will give you the long run racing with a huge LiPo battery that will easily take you to 40min runs.

Some Other features are-
- Multiplayer Mode
- Steering Control
- Available in 3 colours
- Adjustable Chassis


Its not just a remote control car rather much better than that.

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