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MagneticMask: Anti-fogging System and Magnetic Adjustment



This is very specially designed face mask which is free from fogging and having the ability to adjust with magnetic. It is Equipped with four strong neodymium magnets which allows to easily open and World The Mask according to the desert and having a good adjustment.

It is made for better comfortability and layering and filtration also available here. most important part of this mask that it can be watched even though it has magnetic  adjustment. washing machine can be used for washing. It is available in three colours and check the link below for the the specification and details about the product.

Main features are
- Fitting Design
- Comfortable
- Designed in Poland
- Magnetic Adjustment
- Washable material
- Lightweight design
- Breathable material
- No leakage
- Durable, Reusable Design
- Reduced Cost & Waste
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