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Lifestyle or Food Habit? Which one to change




You have several kinds of food menu in our daily life like protein starch vegetables oil. Doctors suggest not to take oil or or sometimes protein based food. I think this is not the because of the disadvantages or demerits of those foods rather change of our lifestyle.  oil and protein are two essential element of our body. but we have a lot of allergy nowadays towards this two. if if you just look back to the the twenty years then we can see there are no such kind of problem with these foods. People was hardworking and they were tension free that's why they could take such kind of food very conveniently. But in this situation we had a bad lifestyle. I don't want to get up early in the morning we don't want to do some hard work for labourers job. We go to bed late to night. There are many a lot of such kind of problems associated with our lifestyle that is the problem and food is not the problem. We can take up to that much of protein and oil in our daily life that much we can burn.


When we cannot burn the food that we have taken that becomes one kind of problem we can say poison for us. This converted into some fat and create some block is in our system of blood flow. It's making us fat as well. Fat is another main key factor of being ill. When anyone become fat he attracts the diseases.


Lifestyle changing is really important for example if you just get up early in the morning and have some morning walk. And if you regularly went to afternoon work then it's not a big problem for us whatever we take. Most important day we have to have some perspiration while doing such kind of things. When sweat, these burns.


I am sharing couple of food which were cooked in my family. If I just look to my activate count it's much better than last couple of days of the week. It's about 20k and it's amazing. I want to be active in such way so that I can also burn some calories. So we have no alternative of burning our Calories and fat through physical labour and hard work. Let's have a try for the betterment of future

We can intake but excessive intake of food is not good at all even with a hardworking lifestyle. So we need to have some balance for trade off between these two. If you can do so then hopefully our present life will be the good life out of anxiety insomnia mental stress and some simple physical problem. Thank you very much for stopping by


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