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Language Martyrs are our national heroes who sacrificed their lives for Language



I cannot recall the name of the person who quoted that the nation who forget its history are not go to successful like that. The meaning I was just most of that kind. Each and every Nation has history. There are struggle Liberation war everything in the history. So what was the past that should be remembered by the next generation.

With the view to remembering the past and appreciate the sacrifices for the nation by the students and Martyrs celebrating those days is a common practice. In Bangladesh there are couple of national days which must be celebrated by educational institutions and other organisations as well. It is very common practice and with the celebration of those days we just want to recall the memories of the past. Those who have sacrificed their life for the nation language and our rights are the real heroes of the nation.

In 1952 couple of students were being killed by the military due to the movement for the mother tongue. The ruling party wanted to to fit and other language rather mother tongue to a used maturity of Bengali native people. but the Bengali people replied sharply as they didn't want any other language rather than their language at least as mother tongue. Show the students of the highest University of Bangladesh sacrificed the lives for the language. We can speak in Bengali this is one of the because of their sacrifice and the movement of the time.

There are a number of monuments in all educational institutions and some other organisation and places  has been built for remembering the language Martyrs. So on the day of their death that is 21st February people come to the monument and offer flower and pray for them. And this is happened throughout the country.

In this post I am sharing couple of the photographs of that day this year which was really sorrowing day where we was just thinking about their sacrifice for language what we are talking daily. They are not getting the fruit of that movement but they sacrificed the life. The next generation people are getting benefit from that movement and their sacrifice of life. Thank you very much for stopping by


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