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It's lovely to play Badminton



I love this badminton tournament very much. This is a wonderful and enjoyable tournament for me and my colleagues. I have described in my previous couple of blogs about this badminton tournament which is normally held every year. This increases the bonding between US and we can enjoy all together. You can see the playground which is not bad at all. Compared with the other fields in the locality of Bangladesh its much better.

This year I along with my teammates drop from the tournament from the first round because this is very much competitive again in this year as well. But whatever the result this is not the fact. The matter is is the acceptance And enjoyment among all of us is really great. From the very beginning to the last I was involved with this tournament and we had couple of parties like feast meal on that day. Ultimately we have got two teams after the first round and eliminate around.

Hopefully the final match will be held very soon and we are looking forward to that match. It's really very crucial as expected most competitive two teams are in the final of the tournament. Hopefully there will be huge enjoyment and competition among them in this tournament like last year. I will keep on updating after the final match. Out of these 2 finalist one is from the teachers side and another one is from staff site. So in the both way we have a lot of Spectre tours and supporters for both the team. I really love to share such enjoyable tournament and moment of these. And as you know the badminton is the most favourite sports held in Bangladesh in this winter season specially. And around us we are experiencing a good number of tournaments like that local competitors are completing from their end and we can see some good player in them and if we had the opportunity to train them they could have been a good asset for the national team.

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