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International Mother Language Day 2021 : Our Prosper and Sorrow



Tomorrow it is 21st February according to the calendar. But this day has a significant impact in our daily National and social life. This is not an event of Bangladesh rather it's now and event of the whole world. On 21st February 1952 to the people of Bangladesh sacrificed their leaves for the mother tongue. It's one of the exceptional keys in this world. According to statistics there is no such a country in this world or in such a Nation sacrifice there lives for for the mother tongue. the history is very wide. Today I am not going to the history of those days. I am just trying to sharing to impact of this event in the Bengali culture.


It is obviously and sorrow event or day in the context of our national history. Many of the students basically the University students who are killed on the day. That's why it is Martyrs Day. But this day has been announced as International mother language Day by UNESCO in 1999. After that it is not an event or national day of Bangladesh rather and worldwide day of international mother language. The loss of of the Talent students was the key sorrow things of that day. But prosperous thing is is that for their sacrifice with was able to be united for freedom. Many thought that without their sacrifice on that time it would not be possible to to unite for freedom fighting. And obviously after that sacrifice we are now using our mother tongue very fluently and officially in several places in education office court and many more.

So this to what the two key factors which I wanted to share today here in this platform. Both way this day is important for us which will be observed here in Bangladesh tomorrow. Tomorrow I will come up with the updates and kill them bye for today and thanks for stopping by.



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