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Importance of Maintaining Routine



Ups and Downs in life continues. One day I remained busy and another day I am worthless. This is because of irregular routine. I cannot maintain a proper at exam routine until or unless the whole educational institutions will be open from the country. Nowadays we are basically online based and we are delivering lecture and receiving those only in online. In that case proper timing is not being maintained. Sometimes teachers conducted classes in the afternoon sometimes evening sometimes in the morning sometimes after noon sometimes in the noon. That's why without or absence of regular routine and the task and activities are not going on the similar phrases like previous time. That's why you can see some ups and downs in my activity report. Sometimes I cross 20000 steps and sometimes just about 5000 steps.

I am in this situation I am feeling that a regular routine and proper tight schedule is very much needed for professional improvement and efficiency. When we don't have proper routine and schedule we cannot think what to do today and what is our to do list. For this reason it was and very lazy day for me and obviously it was a holiday. I spend almost whole day at home and try to do some work online. As I could not get out of home much that's why the activity is about 5K arrival so satisfied because it is my minimum margin. Hope to come up with a good number in upcoming days because I am focusing on my fitness from the very beginning of this year and hopefully you will see the result very soon. Thanks all for stopping by.


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