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How to manage work time and work in this pandemic



We are going through the pandemic situation for about near. I can very well remember March 17 was the starting of lockdown in Bangladesh. From then the educational institutions are closed. After situation being normal from the severe the lockdown has been withdrawn but still educational institutions are are not open. the overall guideline of maintaining social distance is still in existence. Bangladesh government is planning to to open educational institutions after couple of weeks in the higher secondary level and for university level it's about 2 months to go. I am personally looking forward to to the situation being normal and going back to the study again with physical offline system.

Most important issue is the officers and the other industrial are not closed. By wearing mask and maintaining some distance also a lot of work are being happening. This is very good sign because we have an industry of garments which is the prime mover of an economy. After the severe situation now its ful phase running the industries and offices. Even we can see the offices of educational institutions are open although there is no class.

Why I am sharing this today. There are couple of reasons and who is I want to mention or suggest here to do in this pandemic as well. It is overall pandemic situation but sometimes we need to face situation for our family or personal life as well. So I must say life is up and down. In our life we need to go through both of those. Sometimes it is in personal sometimes from the family context and sometimes nationwide. But most importantly we don't need to lose hope at all. Whatever the situation of us or to us we need to tackle the situation very very technically and efficiently.

During the Corona virus situation many of us lost their job. Many of us had huge amount of time at their hand to spend in the family. But I have seen many of my friends and colleagues was just thinking about the situation and watching the news. I don't think that watching news is a solution. Just get some news about the situation but if we just emerged in the news only then it's making us anxious and distress. We are becoming disappointed and losing hope. That is what happened to a a huge number of people around me what I have experienced so far.

There are another group of people who didn't think in that where and there had taken this as an opportunity to develop their skill and learn something new. I want of those group and I appreciate such kind of work of using the spare time by doing a lot of things and learning something for the betterment of the future. Most of the time I have spent in this Panda make is is to develop my skills through several online stations from several video sharing platforms and blogs. I cast aside a huge amount of time for my family. By maintaining distance we have arranged couple of badminton tournaments as you can see in the picture. What I am suggesting is to do what ever or how much you can do even in any kind of situation like that. We need to be technical about spending over time in the spent mix situation or like such kind of disappointing situation around us.

We need to maintain the law and regulations by the government for the betterment of us. So in that way we have arranged the badminton tournament and some other programs like trading stations and some skill development programs even in this pandemic by maintaining the guidelines of the health department. You can see some cricket and football matches are being held by maintaining distances and testing. In that time it is asked by the players to gather but not the spectators so that they can enjoy from home. And we can see some listen to based tournaments also for raising some funds for the covid-19 and such other situations.

So finally we need to go through several kinds of situations but we need to be e tecticle. In many infavour situation we need to do our work perfectly and in that we are in that situation we have to be analyst of our work so that we can properly utilise our time whatever the situation it is. That is what I wanted to mention today that it in all situation we need to be efficient that is really important.


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