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How to get relaxed in life




Hi Dear Friends,

Today I am going to share one of the experiences from life which is related to behavior and attitude that help us to increase our efficiency and ease us in the achieving target of task. I will suggest three techniques to make your life simple enough. Hopefully by following this you can have better utilization of time compared with previous times. 
It can't be explained how important it is to keep everything neat and tidy. In fact, it’s importance in our lives is immense. Whenever we have something in order, we can finish it very quickly and with attention. It's a nice thing that when something is so well arranged it's a lot easier for us to find something out of it. Here are two examples. First of all, when we shop, we think of different market elements at different times of the day. But when we go to the market, it is not remembered. So, if we write down our daily necessary items in Notepad and update it whenever we remember, we will be able to accomplish this task more efficiently and in less time.


I've seen a lot of people around me who are always having trouble shopping and can't do shopping properly because a lot of things are forgotten and a tension works to keep it in mind as well. Secondly, another example might be that we always need some things that we need in our home, such as a scissor, nail cutter, knife etc. When we need these things, we can easily find them if we put them in a certain place first, otherwise we have to spend a lot of time looking for these things and if we don't get them, we get in a bad mood. So, the skill is involved in taking something from the right place and replacing it in the right place. When the reading table in front of us is very tidy, we want to read a lot. We feel a sense of satisfaction when we take food when it is arranged in front of us. So, it is very important to arrange or decorate any work to bring satisfaction the work and to increase interest in work.

When we have a task ahead of us, we often come up with very complex ideas to solve that task. In fact, the right solution to any task is simple, but if we can do it with a cool head, then it is possible for us to complete the task easily. Simply try to find a solution. And the simple solution is best. For example, if we get ten tasks together, we may be confused as to how long it will take to do a task or not. But without thinking in this way, if we start a task on the basis of importance, then that task will be completed. But if we sit all day thinking, but a task will not end.


Thirdly, the thing that I will take very seriously is to evaluate or set the weight on importance. According to the importance of work, what should be done first and what should be done later should be arranged in a continuous manner. We may have 10 tasks at hand but seven of them are not very important tasks that we will do later. There are rest three tasks that need to be done right now. We need to put those things first on our priority list.
Whenever we get up every morning to look at that list and update it, I can easily understand what work I have today and until I finish those tasks so that I don't get tired. And whenever we can finish our daily work seriously, we will not have the burden of work in our head. Thus, we will be lively and fresh. So, no matter what profession anyone works in, he must evaluate the work consistently based on its importance. Otherwise, he will not be able to devote enough time to the important work due to doing less important work earlier and the chances of making a mistake in that important work will increase a lot.
All in all, I would like to urge everyone who has read this to keep in mind these three things and if you go about your daily work, you will see that you have changed a bit and you can make the most of your time. These are the things I learned from a German man who came to work on a project at our organization. I shared here the three points that came up in his speech. And since then, I have been trying to make things easier by maintaining my to-do list and priority list. I hope you will also get results.


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I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh. I like to share my opinion and ideas through blogging. I would like to share my learning so that anyone can be benefited from my effort. I blog on Textiles, Online Money Making, Agriculture, Technology and some Random topics. Capturing Nature and Playing Cricket is my hobby. I am always a learner and eager to learn from anyone.

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