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Food is for Life or Life is for FOOD



Food festival. The culture of Bangladesh is associated with a variety of foods. If you just look around the village people around us you can find a huge number of village woman who basically likes to prepare a variety of foods not only for the family but also for the  decoration. From my childhood I am experiencing such kind of scenario around my village where I can easily find a lot of women come together to prepare a variety of cake food on several occasions.

By watching such kind of delicious foods and meal sometimes I think we are for food that is life is for food. It is stated that food is for life. But sometimes we need to think in Reverse way like life is for food. After watching this scenario and attitude of some people we need to think in the reverse way sometimes. But still food is part and parcel of our life. We cannot avoid its importance in our life
But with the same time we need to think our life is not only for force there are a variety of objective in our life and we need to accomplish all those. By fulfilling the main target or achievement of the goal of the life we are in taking food and this is not the big part of the life.

Those who are from foreign countries I am all coming all of you to check the taste of food of this culture of Bangladesh whenever you come here. Special it will be very much enjoyable to have such kind of good and delicious foods from the village areas of Bangladesh because in the village people house anyone can easily find the variations and the real taste of the food which is very much absent in the renowned for local restaurants as well. Thank you very much for stopping by



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