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Food Experience: Most Famous Street Food in Bangaldesh {Chatpati}



Chatpati is very common and delicious street food of Bangladesh.  Especially in the winter season we can see a lot of store outside the home sailing that potty in the evening. The most specialty of this street food is it consists of three test at a time like spicy pungent and little yummy.  As a street food it has a lot of popularity and attraction towards the young people of Bangladesh. And the kids also love the street food very much.

School going students, the young girls, and all about young generation to the child level are the main customer of these street food.  Its normal is sailing in the afternoon or evening of the winter season because it is supplied or served in hot form which especially light in the winter season.  So, when anyone outside Bangladesh just visit here in Bangladesh in the winter season can find such kind of street food all around. This is not only in the city area but also you will find this special and delicious street food in village or local area as well.  So, all around the country it's famous and served very warmly.

Today I am sharing with you couple of photographs of my testing chatpati with my friends.  They are basically my school friend and there my close friends.  We have travelled to another beautiful place with motorcycle and while coming back from there it was evening and we have found a very famous and good looking chatpati store beside the street.  And we have experience to such a beautiful recipe there.  I hope you will enjoy the photographs and it was obviously very much delicious because all taste like sour spicy Pungent altogether.

It's a wonderful experience for me e of having such a good street food which I have experienced earlier also but this one different and even better testy.  This street food is located at Muradnagar Comilla Bangladesh.  The name and other information have been written on the store photograph and you can check it. Thank you very much for reading my post


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