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Finding solution of Pandemic in Agriculture



You can see technological advancement in several sectors. Agriculture is one of them. We can see huge growth in agriculture sector. Whenever I walk through the several agriculture land I can find some good harvesting and growth of vegetables and crops. In today's post the photos I have shared is from the garden of my father in law. Walking with my daughter in the afternoon is a regular work for me. So it is part of that and I went to the garden which is a bank of pond where my father-in-law has cultivated a variety of vegetables and fruits.

In my childhood I used to help my father in farming. In that time there are more lands and with the same time the production of crops and vegetables where less I think. With the change of time we have the modern technologies at our hand and for the population growth the land available for cultivation is reducing dramatically. But still we are not in the scarcity of food because we have enough Technologies and blessing from The Almighty where we can grow more even with the half of the land from earlier.

Those who have a few with land they are cultivating some fresh vegetables in different seasons. Even I can see the city people who has rooftop are using those rooftop very nicely for farming. On the other hand those who have balcony they are also cultivating so fresh crops and vegetables. So this is what contribution from the as a whole of the nation. Bangladesh is almost sufficient in case of food demand. The main food that is rice should not be imported. This is the good strength of a nation I must say because when a nation is sufficient with food then their economy should be stable the people should live good life. If people don't die with hunger that is the blessing from Almighty.

A simple tomato plant is giving us a huge number of tomatoes. We can have green paper throughout the year and papaya banana. Hydrophobic technology is another replacing in case of agriculture. Even inside home and the city area people are able to cultivate such kind of vegetables very nicely if they are spending some time and care to them.

So what should we do right now. We can do our part from our side at any cost. We can start farming around our area whatever the land we have or even we don't have land we can use the modern technologies like hydrophobic and other means. From the contribution from the every corner of the country it will be huge contribution. Those who don't have enough time at home they don't need to do so but those who have spare time and want to be involved with such kind of activities for their fitness and mental refreshment. They can easily do that. Even the women are the family members of the home can contribute from their path as we have a lot of example of that contribution of farming in side home or in the rooftop aur balcony of the house flat. The photograph you can see mother Garden is so nice to watch it has a huge vegetables to collect and that is enough for the family. It is really good to have the fresh vegetables from own Garden. So by this post post I am welcoming my friends and followers who have enough time at their hand can do something for agriculture or if they have no such option they can work for a while to maintain their fitness level whatever they like to do but lazy time should not be spent by us


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