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Finally Vaccinated First Dose



Finally vaccinated. There are a lot of gossip and discussion about the vaccination throughout the country. Oxford astrazeneca vaccine is received here in Bangladesh through the serum Institute of India. From the very beginning of the vaccination it was said that there are a lot of side effects of this vaccine. There were some rumour on social media and some online based unfamiliar news portals. And some discussions and speech coming out from different influential person regarding the side effect of vaccine and its effectiveness. For this reason many of of the people here was not initially interested to take the vaccine.

But the Government of Bangladesh was determined in from initially to vaccinate throughout the country. This was the step taken by the government of Bangladesh to collect vaccine early on compare with the other Nations. There were some news about the effectiveness of the vaccine International channels that after vaccinated with first dose sum of the the guys affected with comic 19 after even an week. That was the problem because people were talking about the efficiency and effectiveness of this vaccine. Although it was not say that it is 100% protective people are still pointing their finger towards the efficiency of the vaccine. If it is 72 90% effective then there are some chances to be affected again. But there is a huge confusion on this issue because if given 30 million people are been affected year after full vaccination that it can be said that these are the problem of that percentage was specified. The problem with statistics is that when you say its 99% effective then if even 50% get affected you cannot say its out of statistics. So that is the main confusion on my head as the initial stages because if I just vaccinated then there is no issuance of being safety 

Government has ordered to take vaccine for the government officials and some specified group of people who work the frontliner in the fight of coronavirus and covid-19 . In that context I am in the group of that people that's why I used to vaccinated. Bangladesh government is planning to open the educational institutions after 1 month. So government is planning to vaccinate teacher and students early on so that education Institutions can be opened safely at least although it cannot be said that this matter people will not be affected.

Me along with one of my colleague went to the the health centre for vaccinated. There is to process first we need to register then after getting the confirmation message we need to go to the the nearest government hospital for taking the vaccine. As you can see in the photographs I and one of my colleagues took vaccine today. Whatever the consequences and result of this vaccine I don't care. I just want to follow the guidelines of the government. I believe there are a lot of experts in several officials of Bangladesh asked the mass people to to take vaccine. And there are some experts in the world who just allowed the vaccine to take after a lot of research I think. So that's why I think nothing to Audi and ultimately my all dependence on to the almighty Allah(God).
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