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Efficiency is increasing but getting fat in this Pandamic



In this Corona pandemic our routine and daily activities are not upto the mark like earlier times because most of the time of the day we are involved with basically inside home activities like online conducting classes online taking classes and doing some activities based on online. For this reason we don't need to physically get out of home in this situation. In case of meetings we are also conducting meetings in online. Abhi asli good but there are some bad signs of these activities as well. First of all we are weak less active. For example when I had official meeting I had to go out from home and to attend there I had to worked for a while and I had some planning and some working as well. But now I only just do some task in my laptop in sitting my desk. In previous time Although we don't had intention to be active and walking around the office but steal we need to did so. Unintentionally we used to work for a while throughout the day but it was not intentional recorded activities.

So in this pandemic week we are basically missing those unexpected and unintentional activities or physical level. This is the main disadvantage of this pandemic situation which basically forcing us to come inside home rather going out of home. Most of the cases we are trying to purchase our regular item and nursery products in online that's why we are just using online stores. This is another bad impact of this pandemic situation and I hope this is happening for most of the people around the world. And in that case we are getting fat day by day that is the real problem. In this time we don't have any such kind of our International activities but if we want to be active inside our home that we can do so. But normally unintentional activities has gone to the dogs. This is the main advantage and disadvantage of this pandemic situation which I have just considered in this pandemic. I hope you got my point what I just wanted to explained. Thank you very much for stopping by


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