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Difference in Education Systems



A wise saying is education is the backbone of a nation. This is no longer truth in the context of of several countries. In different countries we can see the different curriculum of education. Education is a tool which can lighten the soul. I think for this reason we can see e the difference in morality across the world. We can see some developed nation where people are very much punctual disciplined and hardworking and honest indeed. But in some other countries especially in the third world countries we can see the deflection of morality like corruption. Poverty or the need for survival is one of the reason behind it but still this is not a considerable factor to tolerate corruption. Because we can see the people who are doing guilty or making corruption they are not poor at all. They are not starving for food rather there improving the lifestyle.

Poverty corruption are not the key factors . the factor is the difference in education systems and the style. That's why I am focusing today on proper it education not the other factors. So now we can say that proper education is the backbone of a nation not the only education. If we can properly educate our people then they will lead the nation in a good direction. The problem is associated with the proper education. We cannot determine which one is proper for a nation because we can see a lot of difference in the education systems in different nations. In foreign countries we can see e the brilliant students choose for science subjects like physics chemistry but here in Bangladesh I can find the meritorious students studying Engineering and Medical. I come to know on the professors who explained why the mirror your students is not needed in medical or engineering core. In these sectors they don't need to think much rather they need to just learn and apply the knowledge which gathered. but the core subject holders or specialist like physics chemistry need to research and study further. they need to continue thinking and inventing new new things by their innovation research study and knowledge. This is one of the example where you can find we are different from others Nations and if you just look at the system of education you can find such kind of variations from Nation to Nation even from neighbour country to neighbour country. So I need to just set the proper style and standard of education then I can say that education is good for nation and until we cannot say like that education is the backbone of a nation. So now we need to say proper education is the backbone of a nation.


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