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Delicious Dessert Experience




Jorda is very rare dessert in Bangladesh now a days. Once it was a traditional dessert for all classes of people in Bangladesh. But gradually it becomes less popular to mass people. But still in some areas of restaurant and differnt occational program its the best dessert. This food looking very luxuries. Although its look like coloured rice, but it is differnt from rice. This dessert is very much sweet and tasty. Now it’s available at town restaurants. This food is very yummmy and delicious. So, people here in Bangladesh have so much love for this awesome delicious dessert. You can take this dessert after any meal at lunch or dinner. Specially in dinner, its very common. After dinner having a simple sweet dinner like **jorda** it very much fond of to all most of us here.

My Experience
Couple of days back, while travelling to Chittagong town from my workplace, with some of my colleagues took dinner all together. After dinner we were searching for dessert. And finally we found this nice dessert restaurant named **Highway Sweets**. We have completed our talks. We were late and was there almost till eventing. We did some activites while taking lunch and dessert. Its famous local brand of bakeeries and sweets. We enjoyed this good dessert. So it was tasty and good experience. Quality depends on customers choice. Customer judges with different factors like taste, smell, costing, hygiene, service, environment etc. In case of me, it’s a quality food at quality restaurant. 

Recipe and Ingredients
I don't know much about the ingredients, recipe and food preparation technique. I just assure you its sweet and very tasty. The best one as a dessert. A dessert should be the dessert like this one. Its not only sweet but also in other parameters so good one.

Feature or Specialty of the food
- one of the best desserts
- Royal

Location of the restaurant
Its located in main town of Chittagong (Chattogram current name). As it is beside the Highway, travelling people gather here for fast food, bake and dessert. Who knows, besides highway and name is **Highway sweets**. What is the connention. I don't know. I should ask if i go there or any other branch of them about the name. However, Its Well decorated having wash room facilities. Food value, Hygiene, Environment and Service is also very good. Its popular here in Chittagong.

Specialty or Feature of the Restaurant
- Fast Food Specialist
- Various kind of sweets champion
- Bake, Sweet and Dessert Specialist

You don't need to pay a lot for this dessert. Its only about 50 cents per plate as you can see in the pictures.

My Ratting
- Food taste: 4.5/5
- Hygiene: 4.5/5
- Health Benefits: 5/5
- Environment: 4/5
- Service: 4.5/5
- Location: 4.5/5
- Price: 5/5


Restaurant Information

Highway Sweets
Agrabad Access Rd, Chittagong, Bangladesh


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