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Decentralized Vs Centralized Social Media



Social Media (Social Media) is one of the popular names of the present time. Social media, which didn't even exist 20 years ago, is now deeply involved with us. It is doubtful whether the present day youth can survive without touching the mobile phone. What a young society, old people also sit and scroll on social media. A large group is now in possession of traditional social media. Hey we may use these media for our needs but as a result of our use but its owner is getting richer and richer. In a very natural way, this is understandable, since the traditional big media is in today's position from every human contribution because every comment, every share, a media is popular on the internet and this like, comment, share or post but the owner of this social media can't give. , It has to be given to its users and to this day they are not thinking of doing anything for those people, meaning the users are on the list of deprived.


If that were the case, how would it be, since we, the users and the owners of this media, are getting rich with our data, they would give us some of its profits according to their contributions. It must have been very good. In other words, we would get money by commenting like on Facebook. That would be good. Since time is of the essence and data has to be purchased, this should be the case. Blockchain-based media do this, but centralized or traditional media do not. Apart from blockchain, social media does not give anything to the customers but blockchain based gives to the customers first. Centralized based Social Media's security has to be ensured first through blockchain, otherwide people would not trust decentralized. For attaining trust of mass people and participation of all, Blockchain Technology is the best. Thats why we can see, most of the decentralized platform are based on blockcahin Technology.


So you have to understand that there are many differences between Centralized or Traditional social media and Decentralized or blockchain based social media. I am going to share some differences here in terms of Facebook and Steem. Let's go straight to the table where I will show the difference between Facebook and Steem and how they perform.



Present Scenario of Social Media

World is changing rapidly with the technology. In last decade, Information and communication technology has changed a lot. We are living in the most significant part of the development of technology. Social Media is very popular now a days. Peoples are spending a lot of time in internet specially in Social Media. We spend a lot of time in liking, sharing, posting contents in social media.


What’s happening behind

We spend time because we like to spend time in online with friends. We, with our activity, creating values in that platform. But those platforms are not appreciating our time. They are growing very rapidly with our little contribution. In that case, Companies are getting benefits. We, the contributor, nothing rather just enjoying and spending time.

Is not it Smart!

There are some other social media which is blockchain based smart technology. They are smart enough. Pays attention to all of its users. You can do what you are doing right now e.g. like, comment and share. But it pays. You can get money in the form of cryptocurrency for each and every like you get and deliver. So is not is smart!



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