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Cultural Food is the specialty of different culture




There are several traditional foods you can found in several districts of Bangladesh. Rasmalai is the famous food from my district that is Comilla. CUMILLA is famous throughout the country for making this food and there are two restaurants in the city which are famous and originated that food named Matri Bhandar and Sashi Vandar. They are very much famous not only throughout the city but also for the country as well. When I visit to the regular city I try to collect some rasmalai from those stores and they are always busy with selling because there is huge demand of that food. When any Traveller travel by this Dhaka Chittagong Highway they try to collect some food of that and from this restaurant.

In first two photographs you can see some rasmalai which are not from those stores. This is from Chittagong City where they are trying to make the taste of that food but of not that kind. I have tested it around me in Chittagong City to have the taste of that Comilla taste but there is a Gulf of difference between these two. I think that is why it is said that a district is famous for a specific food full stop and for this reason such kind of cities are named with that special food decide the name of that city when it is uttered.

Rest of the food photographs are from that restaurants where I have visited to have the taste of the rasmalai and I just wanted to share some local test of Chittagong where I live. I hope you will enjoy the photography of that food. Thanks for stopping by.


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