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Competitive Advantages of living in different area



Most of us know about the competitive advantage. It is basically advantageous we are normally getting for or any specific reason like staying in a situation for working in a specific office compared with the other situation area and office. For example those who are living in coastal area will get the benefit of of getting mineral of sea and protein sources from fish very easily because they are from the coastal part. In rural villages where agriculture is very much fruitful and use production of vegetables than those people can easily get those vegetables compared with the other area of of the country. So we can see such kind of situation of competitive advantages in marketing strategy and working in an office as well. So there are various number of such situation we can see around us.

Today I am going to share my competitive advantages of living coastal areas in Bangladesh that is Chittagong. In the photographs of this post you can see some fishes which are not common fishes throughout the country. This is called poha fish and some are pabda. River and sea based fishes are very much common and available here at reasonable price. in in country side we can have the fishes which is just cultivated in ponds and several projects but in Chittagong City we can easily get such kind of sea fishes which are the great sources of mineral salt and protein.
With the same time as I am staying distance from the the city that is main city that's why I have the taste of village as well where a number of vegetables are very much available at fresh mood all the time. So this is the couple of competitive advantages I am now facing for staying here in Chittagong. But there is a problem with the fruits because most of the fruits are North Bengal centroid so the price and the freshness of fruits is not available all the time.

The advantages I am getting from hair is totally different from my village area because in those area I have some comparative advantage of getting fresh local fishes from rivers but here I can have from the sea. What about the competitive advantages you are facing by living in city area village area or coastal area but we all have some advantages for staying in certain situation and environment. This term competitive advantage is coming from the marketing policy and strategy and corporate world but we can easily fit this into several circumstances like food safety and security. That's the reason the price of several foods and fruits are different in different location of the world. For example in America seven States vegetables price is very high but in Bangladesh the price of vegetables it's very much reasonable so those who have those kind of available food they can easily take those from their competitive advantages. Thank you very much for stopping by.


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