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Cleaning our campus with voluntary group BDCLEAN



The World is being a garbage day by day. Cleaning is a much-needed task in this current situation of the World. There is no alternatives to project or save our next generation. We are spoiling nature for our existence. But we need to keep it safe for the upcoming generation as well. We need to offer a better World for our next generation. As we know Japanese has reputation on cleaning activities throughout the World. Third world countries are so far behind in this case. That’s why some cities like ours Dhaka are being populated and unlivable day by day. Around the World, there are a huge number of movements and organizations working on cleaning projects. @cleanplanet is my favorite one in the blockchain technology. Movements like Green peace is very appreciating.

But today I want to share a little movement from our country which can impact huge in the distant future in cleaning activities. The name of this movement is **BD Clean**.

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Couple of weeks back, this movements come to our campus to perform their activities of cleaning the campus. Their main focus is on bottles, plastics and polyethene. I have joined them. First, they provide safety equipment’s like mask, gloves etc. Then all together participate in Oath. And finally cleaning straight forward. I have captured some photographs of this cleaning activities. You can check the photographs that most of them are young and energetic generation. This team was Chittagong (currently Chattogram) based team. I found them very dedicated to their work especially plastic bottles. They are involved in collecting PET bottles to recycle them as well. My workplace Textile Engineering College, Zorargonj, Chattogram is somewhat neat and clean most of the time. But after their activities its has be mentioned that it became beautiful. Because they don’t bother to go to the each and every corner of the campus. And surprisingly they found a good number of plastics and bottles from several remote corners. Great.

After that, I have studied about them and found some nice information about them from their facebook page. Here is a brief information about them.


About BD Clean
BD Clean is a voluntary community helping in cleaning Bangladesh. This is formed by the young and energetic students of different Universities. Most of the University Students are involved in these nice activities. This is completely Voluntary and Unpolitical. They are basically the community of continuously active, voluntary, conscious citizens the make the Bangladesh Clean and Hygienic. Current member is more than 20,000 people. Most of them are students. Without target any effort or movement can’t get success. Its target to reach this movement gradually division level to village level by 2021. After spreading it to the village level, it will be easy to make the country clean by 2021.

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Their motivation comes from a study finding which says, In the clean city, the incidence of pathogens is reduced by 46% compared to the impure city. As a result, all the people of the country will be protected from 46% germ attack. Above all, the next generation will ensure a healthy and clean environment. Also, the name of our beloved birthplace Bangladesh will be placed on the world map as a clean country.

Founder and Main Coordinator:
Mr. Farid Uddin

Let Cleaning be commenced from me.

Year of Establishment:
3rd June, 2016.

Characteristics of Members:
Performing constitutional civic responsibility is one of the hallmarks of all BD Clean members. All the members of BD Clean are always striving for Bangladesh's reputation in the world court. Every member of the BD Clean, out of greed, jealousy and hatred, is respectful to one another. To avoid civic responsibility, no member blames each other or the state. Not every law enforcement member of BD Clean believes in compliance with all the laws of the country. It is also a unique example of the unity and discipline of every member of the country, always in the service of humanity and patriotism. In a word, every member of BD Clean is an exemplary citizen of Bangladesh and the whole world.

Member Qualifications:
Any Bangladeshi citizen who is willing to give voluntary labor for the country, subject to the adoption of BD Clean's rules, is eligible to become a member of BD Clean. However, if he is involved in any anti-state work or expresses opposition to any development work in the state, his membership will be terminated without notice. Also, if a member of the organization disobeys the organizational order and shows abusive behavior and violent attitude towards a member, it is evidenced because the notice will also be given notice or the membership will be terminated.

Sworn sentence:
I swear that I will always devote myself to the service of the people and remain loyal to the country. I will always strive to maintain the unity and order of the country. I will always devote myself to building a clean Bangladesh. I will make sure that no one around us is leaving garbage everywhere. I will always perform constitutional civic responsibility. All laws prevailing in the country will be obeyed. O Lord, give me strength, I can serve the country and make Bangladesh a clean, strong and ideal state. Amen.

- [Check the Dhaka based Facebook page](

- [Check the Chattogram based Facebook page](

Final Words:
In our daily busy life we can’t effort much for the environment. But should support such kind of movements Financially, Physically or even at least Mentally. Then these guys will get more motivation than current. Their activities of against plastic bottle has been covered by a renowned daily of Bangladesh **The Daily Star**. [Here is the article published on April, 16 2020]( It’s a good way to support them. We should do something from our end as much as possible. Thanks for stopping by.


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