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Biryani at Lunch with Colleagues



There are a lot of common and special food available here in Bangladesh. **Biryani** is one of them. Biryani is a traditional food in Bangladesh. It’s popular in all classes of people. Its known as rich food due high level of protein and fat. It’s traditional food in Bangladesh because the people of Dhaka city (Capital) are maker of this food and they are very much fond of this dilicious food. It was made only in Dhaka previously. Dhaka is famous for this special food. Now it’s available at nearby restaurants. This food is little spicy and yummy. So, people here in Bangladesh have so much love for this awesome delicious food. You can take this food in different forms like Beef Biryani, Mutton BIryani, Chicken Biryani, Egg Biryani, Hydrabadi Biryani, Nanna Biryani, Hazi Biryani etc.

My Experience
Couple of days back, while walking through the stree with some of my colleagues, we observed this nice restaurant in Chittagong (now Chattogram, the second largest and port city in Bangladesh). I along with some colleagues, Couple of days back, went to this restaurant to have the Biryani at Kutumbobari Restaurant Unit 2 in Chittagonog. Its famous in Chittagong for this nice food. Its availalbe almost throughout the day. Basically the restaurant is 24 hour open. We ordered Beef Biryani for all of us except two because of religious ethics they dont take beef. They have taken Mutton Biryani.

You can have mixed taste from this special Biryani like spicy, and soft all together. So it was tasty and good experience for all of us. This experience should one of the best in the last year. We have enjoyed this nice Biryani. Previously we have tasted this food, but this one was Royal and Special to us.

Quality depends on customers choice. Customer judges with different factors like taste, smell, costing, hygiene, service, environment etc. In case of me, it’s a quality food at quality restaurant. 


Recipe and Ingredients
As far I know and talked with them-
- Beef or Mutton
- Rice
- Fresh Vegetable
- Egg
- Masala etc
- Vegetable Masala
- Blended Spices.

Brief Recipe:I don't have much idea about the recipe. I know about the ingredients only.

Feature or Specialty of the food
- Delicious
- Rich Food and Complete
- Famous in Dhaka
- Healthy full of protein and fat

Location of the restaurant
Its located in Chittagong City Bus Stand name Alonkar More. As it is beside the Bus Stand, Journey People normally visit here. Its two stored Building and huge space. Well decorated and wash room facilities. Food value, Hygiene, Environment and Service is also very good. Its popular here in Chittagong. Its 24 hour open so that travelling people can get their meal any time conveniently.

Specialty or Feature of the Restaurant
- Fresh Food
- 24 hour open
- Rich dishes
- Hygiene and healthy environment.


Drawbacks of the Restaurant
- Main drawbacks of popular restaurant is gathering. Due to its famousness always crwded with customers. Huge crowd and noise.
- Due to crowd quality and timely service is not always possible.
- Faty dishes makes us faty

You don't need to pay much for this good meal. A Biryani plate with a full egg only costs 4 USD But mutton biryani is little bit higher than this beef one. You need to pay extra 50 cents for mutton one. But with the awesome taste and good healty food this cost is not anything i must say. You must be satisfied with the return of the cost. Its very tasty and delicious. Complete lunch. You don't need to take anything else in the lunch. So it must be a good deal.


My Ratting
- Food taste: 5/5
- Hygiene: 4.5/5
- Health Benefits: 4.5/5
- Environment: 4.5/5
- Service: 5/5
- Location: 4/5
- Cooking Time: 4/5
- Price: 4.5/5

Restaurant Information

Green Park Restaurant

Baraiyarhat, Mirsarai, Chattogram


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