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Are We Intelligent and faster than Computer?



How intelligent our brain is! 

When we do in a specific job in our daily life our brain reacts with different situations instantly within nanoseconds. let's give an example fast so that you can think of your brain’s capability. When you drive any vehicle in a village road or wide Highway you need to perform varieties of operation at a time. Can you imagine, is it need to think about the sequence or operation for a second. No. You are performing all the task whenever required within nanoseconds. You are aware about the road in front of you, handling the steer, doing other operations and you are talking with anyone smartly. Whenever need break, you are doing so instantly.

From this example you can think of the capability of a man comparing with any computer. Computer is very fast in performing any specific task. But we react instantly with different situations instantly. Our response time is very less than the response time of a computer. We have a lot of experience and knowledge stored in our brain. But we can recall the situation instantly. If you instruct a search operation at your PC’s hard drive, then you can think how long it takes to find out the data. But from a specific folder, it can find quickly. In this case, it is comparable with different stages of our life or different operations of our life like family, job, friends etc. So, its one kind of segment of documented information at our memory of head.

When we reply to any human being, can you think that how much time we normally take to listen, process or modify, reply. We are synchronizing all these instantly within nanoseconds. Never get confused except huge stress. In case of computer, it takes time to receive, then analyze the form of data, then process then output. For the synchronizing all these tasks it takes a few times. But some time is needed obviously. I think, this time is higher than our response time.

Finally, I want to say that, you can’t ignore the beauty and intelligence of our memory and brain. We are created best by the Almighty. Now, you should not take yourself lightly. You are heavy and powerful. Although this sharpness and power is very much nothing compared with the Universe, but still we need not even to think that we are nothing and worthless. So, this point of view, you are best creation of the universe. So, make this life useful. Do something better for the community, and planet. Good deeds never die. May Almightly make you successful. Thank you.

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