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A Joke and Morel of the Story



In our life we have some specific objectives. But in the race of achieving those objectives we are sometimes being more and more professional. I think it is not obviously true all the time because sometimes we need recreation in the form of gossiping jokes are hanging around with friends or colleagues. It's Friday. Before the Corona pandemic situation I would like to go out for a walk or visit a new place around my city with colleagues or others. Common routine in most of the times just before 
the covid-19 pandemic. Now it's Friday and holiday here in Bangladesh and feeling those memories and days. That's why today I have decided to share couple of jokes in this blog.

A boy in school was not so much interested to his study. He was just trying to to get rid of the study at any cost. Most of the times The teacher asked for homework he tried to explain in several excuse. Finally he has no interest in his study. But his parents were very much conscious about the education of their child. All the time the forced the boy to come to to the school.
 one day the boy come to school with some mathematical assignments as a homework. After watching all those the teacher talk to the student that the maths very very simple but he couldn't solve the maths properly. So teacher was from a village area so he asked the boy to take the the teacher to the students house so that he can talk to the parents of the boy about mistaken of homework in simple mathematical problems. But the student was much more interested rather teacher to bring the teacher to the house. One thing I need to mention here that if any teacher come to the house of students that means he is going to complain or appreciate. So hair in Bangladesh is a traditional culture when a teacher come to the students house with a complaint after that it basically parents used to to punish their child.

But here in this case the boy was really eager to bring the teacher to his house to meet his parents. Teacher asked the boy about the eagerness of it. He replied my father uh talk to me all the time that my father was a very good students at the age of mine. He always feel proud and recall the days of his times and share the good Memories and stories of his students life that how brilliant and excellent student he was in that time. To in my home I always have to listen such kind of stories of my father that how brilliant student he was in that student life. The teacher said that it is what's wrong with that. The student immediately replied that the math homework was not done by me. All those were done by my father. So the story of his brilliantness will have to an end after that meeting with teacher that's why he is interested to bring the teacher to the home.

Ha ha.


The jokes is pretty simple but we need to to get a lot of information from their jokes in the context of our present situation of society. I can see a lot of people around me try to make his boy or girls doctor engineer religious scholar everything. The try to force them on at any means. But they forget that their parents also try to do something like that on them as well but in their student life they couldn't or would not do the proper work of a student. But still they expect more more and more from their child's. I think sometimes it's anything and we cannot expect in that way. The need to leave them on their limit of boundary because we have sometimes limitations and interests on several topics of study. Someone may not like to study engineering or someone may don't like to study medical or someone may don't like to be a religious scholar.

What are am opposing in that sense is applying excessive pressure on them and similarly expecting more and more from the kids while those parents were irregular students of their times. So when these kids become secondary school students they try to realise that their parents was not good students in that time so sometimes students basically try to to denounce their parents for applying pressure on them. There are some other and major factors behind the situation of the denounce but this is one of them I think. Wrong choose or selection of friends and the teaching style and conditions of a school and many other factors are associated with it. But the past performance of the parents and their attitude in present condition is a vital factor in the repulsion of education of many of the students in our society of the country. We need to more focus on these factors so that you can try to understand something that we don't need to force applied pressure excessive pressure on our kids regarding education at least because this is not making them perfect person rather making them mentally sick.

Thanks all for today and I hope you have got my point.


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