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A Book or Facebook



A book is or should be the best company all of us. But in this modern virtual world we are are getting away from books. I can talk about the scenery of around me. In Bangladesh the situation is is really remarkable. If we just get away from books then we will lose our skill knowledge and position in this world full stop and that will be a threatening message for the upcoming generations.

When I just talked to my college friends family members about reading book and spending time on Facebook. The data which I collect is is very alarming. Some of my friends and colleagues did not touch book for more than a year but still using Facebook each and every day. If it continuous then you can imagine how it will impact. Facebook is not the sources of media. This is a social media where anyone can share any information which may be true or maybe rumour or may be false. But some rural friends and people are believing strongly the news coming from the Facebook.

The virtual world PDF books and ebooks was developed to encourage the readers. Obviously it is good that with the help of technology we can easily read any book at our home without just going to the library for buying that book or collecting it. So in that context it's not a bad initiative I must say. But how we are using the technology at initiative that is the question. We have available resources at our hand. We can study whatever we like to you from our home office laying down because mobile phone or Tablet or computer is along with us. But how many of us are reading Although we have available options and opportunities around us.

Even in the student life I can see a number of college students are not making books at their friend rather they are accepting Facebook and messenger as their good friends which is undesirable for the the long run growth and success of a nation. If if they get away from books ultimately they will lose their future and the nation will suffer for that I think. Which one should we prorise is it virtual social media life or physical books that we need to consider first.

Still we have enough time at our hands to rectify all those things and for this we need to have some planning initiation and execution. If mobile phone up to certain age group is restricted that I think it can be minimised. The use of Smartphones while working in the offices should be restricted. Work gossip social media all cannot be at a same time. So smart phone use limitation can reduce the problem and hopefully with this people will get out of the situation gradually. As a whole the nation should think about the future and betterment of the upcoming generation. They are not destroying their eyes not only being person of lack of knowledge and not even only being physically ill due to not going to the playing field rather they are destroying their life. so I would like to draw the attention of the policy makers to come forward for initiating such kind of policy or rules in the case of using smartphone and social media. The cost of using smartphone can be increased also. Mass awareness among the all classes of people can be another good tool to other people so that they can get away from such kind of happening. So which policy will work faster I don't know but should try with all angles because we need to change quickly as it is high time. Thanks for stopping by


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