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21st February : The International Mother Language Day



21st February is the International mother language day. The speciality of this day is based on the Bengali language. In 1952 the people of this country sacrificed the life for mother language. To appreciate and remember them the the day is announced as International mother language day.

In Bangladesh it is celebrated by prayer for their Departed soul. The people of different profession and specially the students and teachers come to the moment and offer flower there uh to remember their sacrifice. At the same time it is dad in that way because of there remembering. It is basically a special time and day to talk about the history and remember their sacrifice so that we can move forward by learning from there.
In my working place the prayer for them has been arranged and on the same time the the discussion on their sacrifice and several issues related to language has been discussed among colleagues. This is the way of celebrating the day in several educational institutions of the country. So I feel sorrow and soft corner for the Martyrs hope they will be sent to Paradise and that is desired to the almighty. Thank you very much for stopping by


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