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Indonesian crypto traders propose 0.05% cryptocurrency tax



Indonesian is currently in the midst of a cryptocurrency investment fever.  At the same time, the Directorate General of Taxes under the Ministry of Finance is discussing tax returns on investments in crypto assets.
Currently, the government is still investigating the amount of tax that will be collected from investing in crypto assets.  However, one cryptocurrency trading platform has proposed a rate of 0.5% if the rule is applied.  As Tokocrypto's Chief Operations Officer said, the plan has a good objective, namely for state revenue.  According to him, the application of taxes on crypto assets can also have a positive impact on Indonesia's crypto asset ecosystem.  "As one of the crypto asset trading platforms that will always comply with government regulations, they welcome the plan. This means that the crypto asset ecosystem can make a positive contribution to the country and further strengthen the existence of the crypto asset industry in Indonesian,"
Previously, the Director General of Taxes, Suryo Utomo, said that currently his party is reviewing the crypto transaction criteria to determine the most appropriate type of tax.
Currently, the government is reviewing the type of investment tax on crypto assets, whether it is included in goods and services.  This is a discussion and research and an in-depth examination of whether the profits from this transaction can be equated in value with official money or not.  If it can be equated with money, the taxpayer is like any other income that is currently taxed.
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