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Splinterland game


Hello Splendor how are you guys how are you all hope everyone is fine and healthy today again I am here with another new battle today's winner battle water splendour.

 Many people may know and many people don't know that Splendor is usually directly related to currencies when the price of Bitcoin fluctuates but the price of Splendor's cards fluctuates that's why it's a good thing that you can earn money playing here because these cards are very easy to sell. goes

 I don't have a very good card right now because I've been away from the game for a long time now trying to get back into the game more or less trying to get back into the game as time goes by and it's not always possible to play.

 Anyway, today I played a battle with you with 35 mana and I want to tell you something about the cards used there. Many of you may know that the mana that is given to you here is the mana that you have to choose the card. If you play mana and any splendour, you can use good cards with this mana. There are some other aspects and the most important thing is that the cards should be served well and which card should be used in which place is also important.

 Anyway, the way I served the cards was to choose a powerful mana first. This card has some secret information like if this card attacks your opponent once, it will lose twice its power at once and the best part of this card is that it can be used in Auto-helicopters are those that generate energy or enthusiasm or act to sustain energy.

 Anyway, I present to you some screenshots from my winning battles, I hope you like them.

 And so that you can enjoy my victory, I am presenting the link of my winning battle here.

 Everyone stay well stay healthy Thank you very much for spending your precious time to visit my Blog 

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