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Sunset photography


Hope all of us friends are well and healthy I am also very well and healthy.

 Today I came back to work in my company's office. Here I have to do various things that I don't always have time to do photography.

 Today after finishing the duty and closing the office when we go to the room I immediately looked at the sun and saw that the sun is still setting so I thought that if I collect some photographs it will be useful for me and I can share them with you.

 We have become so busy that we don't even care what time it is, when the sun rises, when the sun sets. Actually, we are humans or machines. I sometimes doubt because machines seem to need rest, humans, but there is very little rest these days.

 However, friends suddenly liked the sun because who wouldn't like to see the sun setting in the form of a circle of green around and a circle of red in the middle.

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