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"Where there is no wood, a fire 
goes out" (Proverbs 26:20, NET)



Majority of us understand what a wood is. The newer translations call it fuel. The 
meaning is still strongly expressed as a common parlance. A Wood is a traditional material for combustion or fire. In the traditional society, you cannot have fire without woods. It is gotten from trees. No tree, no wood, no fire, no warmth, no 
light. Here, the word of God is typified as wood, because the word of God triggers off fire among the elects. Coldness among the church is a sad manifestation of lack of fire. Many Christians are just hanging on for the sake of hanging on as the word content of their lives is drying up or cannot sustain the fire. The Spirit cannot do anything without the word. The scripture describes the word as sword 
of the Spirit. It is the instrument of war for the Holy Spirit, whether offensive or defensive. 
The Mosaic priesthood was directed to ensure that fire never went off the altar day and night. That made it necessary for the combustion material to be available at all time. The Boys' Scout teaches members that fire has three functions 
(1) It provides warmth, (2) It provides direction signal, and (3) It wards off wild beasts. So in every Scout Camping, there 
is always a big burn-fire that signifies the beginning of the camp when the fire is kindled and the end of the camping when it goes off. 
The word of God is God in our lives. When the fire starts going off from the life of Christians, it means the Holy Spirit is not given His right of place. It is often triggered off by poor word content of anylife. The signs are: 
Lack of passion for God's business. 
No zeal or interest in fellowship. 
No soul coming to the Lord through you. 
No testimony of God's intervention. 
No personal encounter or experience etc.

One has to develop a personal Bible study strategy. Get Daily Devotional, attend fellowship, watch and listen to Christian TV stations, check your cloud of friends and get a good mentor. It is recommended that we feed on the Word daily for the fire to keep burning

The Holy Spirit can do nothing in our lives without the Word, nobody rises above the word in his life.

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