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As the fundamental part of the psychology of human, fear helps us keep safe and avoid calamity. When given room, fear can keep you in perpetual fearfulness. However, to overcome fear, you must dare what you are afraid of. Acknowledge that you are afraid of a particular thing and dare to overcome it.
![baner bonito.png]( ### KEY AREAS TO HELP YOU TURN FEAR TO FUEL *** 1 Get comfortable with being uncomfortable 2 Shift your mindset 3 Embrace learning ![baner bonito.png]( ## IN DETAILS *** *** ### 1 Get comfortable with being uncomfortable There is always that fear of what may possibly be the outcome of a decision an entrepreneur takes. This tends to put some entrepreneurs constantly in their comfort zones and they become so comfortable there. You have to be prepared for whatever outcome your decision would results in. Dare to leave your comfort zone. Dare to make a difference. Dare to be the best. Dare to follow your dreams. Allow yourself to become familiar with discomfort, on the long run, you’ll be able to embrace new situations without dread and distress. To be a successful business owner, you will need to embrace discomfort. It will be critical for you to realize that it is not possible for you to be expert at everything. There are other smarter persons out there, thus, get comfortable taking risks, trying to break new grounds, trying to get new things done. Trust your instinct. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 2 Shift your mindset Humans are naturally wired to express fear when they want to try out new things. The fear of the unknown come with the fear of change. This makes one afraid of handling the possible outcome of daring to try something new. It brings the fear of losing control of everything. In fact, fear is an indication that you're dreaming big. To overcome this fear, you need to understand exactly how your business works and what can possibly become of your business due to the steps you take. With this understanding, you would be more confident that even in the realm of the unknown, you'll get the best. When you shift your mindset and reframe your definition of failure, you can accomplish a lot of things you never thought of. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 3 Embrace learning Basically, fear comes as a result of lack of knowledge or information about something. That means boldness would come with adequate knowledge and information about that thing. To scare your fears away, you need to embrace learning. Constantly widen your knowledge and information base. Update your skills and experiences. You can have mentors in your chosen field to help you. Learning should never cease. Attend seminars, workshops and training that would help sharpen you skills and level of expertise. Read books and learn from other entrepreneurs' failures. Association will equally be of help. Associate and socialize, be open to suggestions and ideas. Just embrace learning. ![baner bonito.png]( ### REFERENCE: [Entrepreneur]( ![baner bonito.png](
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