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Over tasking your brain is dangerous for business growth. Multitasking the brain stresses the brain and results in poor performance. The brain was wired to focus its resources on a task at a particular time. An entrepreneur should learn to carry out one task at a time to enable his brain to function optimally for business productivity.
![baner bonito.png]( ### TIPS TO TAP INTO BRAIN'S ORGANIZATIONAL EFFICIENCY: *** 1 Start your day with mind-calming activities. 2 Schedule "do not disturb" time. 3 Apply the brakes on distractions. 4 Take frequent brain breaks. 5 Fuel your brain. ![baner bonito.png]( ## IN DETAILS *** *** ### 1 Start your day with mind-calming activities.  *** In same way soccer stars exercise and train their muscles before any tournament, an entrepreneur who aims to make his brain to function efficiently should start his day with activities that can help calm his brain down. Such activities could be listening to music, deep breathing exercises, or even listening to or reading news. These activities can help your brain to attend a state of rest and calmness, thus preparing it for an effective performance at work. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 2 Schedule "do not disturb" time.  *** There are times your brain is so calm and focused. You shouldn't joke with such times. Ensure that you utilize such opportunity daily by focusing on result-oriented tasks and deliver them before any form of distractions set in. However, this is not a time for checking and responding to correspondence nor is it a time to fiddle with your phone. Avoid every act capable of distracting your attention and focus until you're done and ready to move on with some other things. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 3 Apply the brakes on distractions. *** A lot of entrepreneurs get carried away with technology. They fiddle their mobile phones, checking mails, chatting and doing some other things which they can do at spay times. When an entrepreneur has some worthy engagement to focus on, he should do that devoid of all manner of distractions. You should Streamline your workflow as an entrepreneur to minimize incessant distractions for growth to take place in your business. Treat engagement periods with total respect. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 4 Take frequent brain breaks. *** All work without play makes one dull. There should be a time in your daily schedule for relaxation. This would afford you the opportunity to refresh yourself as well as your brain before going back to work. At this time, you can watch a short TV show, engage in a chat with colleagues or do anything that makes your relax your mind. Taking break is not what would make you delay your task delivery time, but staying all focused on a task and multitasking your brain. By taking a break, you would return to work more energetic and determined, thus making progress. ![baner bonito.png]( ### 5 Fuel your brain. *** This requires regular engagement in exercising yourself which results in your hearh beating faster and the muscles of the heart working optimally, supplying blood to every part of the body including the brain. This would improve attention, improve memory and also improve your the ability of your brain to absorb new ideas and information. Moreover, you need to eat healthy diet, especially diets that contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, example vegetable, grains etc., to keep your brain functional. ![baner bonito.png](
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